Pedro’s Door

Its been a couple of weeks since I arrived in Panama and there has been a flurry of activity around the house.   We have electricians, carpenters, landscapers, plumbers, and workers digging up things that were covered with dirt long ago.

My closest neighbor laughs when there is so much activity around the house, he instinctively knows that I must be coming into town because Pedro has all his workers scurrying about like bees to a hive.   Of course this makes me happy as I know that many of the overdue small projects are finally getting attention.

I’ll be writing rapid fire posts over the next couple of weeks as those unfinished projects become complete and I’ll include photos of the new spa, landscaping, counter tops, and unveil the furniture I purchased over a year ago.

One of the projects that needed serious attention is the door that connects the interior of the house to the upper terrace.  This door provides access to two bedrooms which are only accessible from the outside terrace.  The door also keeps the outside elements from entering the interior of the house so it’s importance is more than just decorative.

Over the last year, I have sent Pedro drawings and photos of the style of door I’d like to see in that space and for many reasons unknown the door would simply not materialize.  I will attribute the delay to the Panamanian experience of getting anything accomplished within a reasonable time and coupled with the lack of skilled craftsmen to make this type of door.

So over the last few weeks, Pedro has been running around between carpenter and blacksmith to window glazier in order to have the door ready by the time I arrived and it looks great.  The biggest surprise, Pedro decided that he was going to give me the door as a gift and all I can say is what a wonderful and generous gift it is.  I think this is Pedro’s way of making up for some of the challenges we’ve had in getting this door organized and it’s a testament to his good-natured personality.  While not everything can be perfect or done on time, the job will get done and correctly.  Muchas Gracias Pedro.

The entrance to the terrace that required the door is quite high and large.  Pedro employed the same fellow who built the rest of the solid doors for the house.  You can see from the photos, the design is very close to one of the drawings I had sent Pedro and the doorway now provides a beautiful view to the exterior palms which brings in wonderful light to the corridor that connects the top of the circular stairs to the upper bedrooms.