Pouring the livingroom ceiling and work speeds up


We used the same lumber and support set-up as the previous slab pour.  Our forest of small tree trunks were re-used from the last pour.  They look like they are growing from the  floor to the ceiling holding up the forms that would eventually become the living room ceiling and floor for the second and third bedrooms.  You can get a better look from the photos below how the steel, styrofoam and wood structure is put together.  Once the cement was poured and hard enough to step on they began raising the walls, installing the rough-in electrical and plumbing for the second and third bedrooms.  The support below the slab will stay in place until the cement cures which will probably take about a month.

Second floor concrete pour


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In this photo, you can see the Styrofoam that I mentioned in an earlier post.  The Styrofoam is permanent in the slab and provides insulation and sound proofing as well.  The entire second floor slab is tied to the structural columns which support the overall … Continue reading