Second floor slab completed

You can see the first part of the second floor concrete slab is down and starting to cure.  The concrete is hard enough to walk on and to continue to build upon but it will take at least three to four weeks for the slab to cure.

The next step will begin the construction of the supports that will allow us to pour the concrete slab over the livingroom.  This slab will also support the two upper bedrooms which are located directly over the livingroom.  You can see the livingroom in the sixth photo where I took the photo from standing on the upper floor slab at the top of the circular staircase.  That space will be completely covered in a few weeks after the same support structure goes underneath.  The height of the livingrooom overall is higher than the rest of the first floor ceilings so this is why this has become a separate construction process than the first slab we have just poured. The living room is 32 feet by 22 feet wide and 14 feet high.  Pedro, who is also an engineer has designed all the structural elements of the house, has some serious re-bar planned for this part of the building, including much bigger beams.   Basically he’s building the house like a highrise concrete building.  Except it’s only two stories.