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  1. curious to know what inspired you to do this project.
    looks like a huge undertaking and lots of money invested. how has this affected the area? property values? other projects? did it draw you into the community more?

    • Thanks for the reply. So your inspiration was your love for Spanish colonial architecture. I guess that love could have been realized in many locations. Mexico, central America, even south America. so was there more involved here? a love for the weather, a particular country, a people? perhaps the cost of the project would be lower there?
      are your plans to stay there and in the house at some point? is this for retirement? the house is stunning – very beautiful. an excellent example of the architecture. just looking at the pictures, it s clear that you sweated the details, it seems to have involved much of the community.
      to your comment above about foreigners, has the increase in property values helped the local community overall or has the resulting increase reduced the local ability to purchase homes?
      how are you fitting into the community? is all your family there with you? are there any education or social services needs that you are encountering there? or is there really no significant differences.

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