I’m back but a little rusty

First of all my apologies for being away so long.  I have not been very attentive to the blog simply due to the fact that I have not really been in Panama physically and when I have, most of my time has been making repairs or changes to systems that not quite working the way I had anticipated.

My most recent headache has been the wrought iron grilles that I had made in Canada and shipped to Pedasi.  These grilles are decorative and I believe they add a lot of important complimentary character to the revival style.   Now they have all begun to rust despite my efforts to ensure they were made properly and entirely powder-coated to seal the steel.  The grilles on the North side of the house are in the worst shape with rust stains now coming down the exterior walls.  The only way I can deal with the problem is to take them all down permanently. Once they begin to rust, it’s impossible to stop.

It’s bad enough that I have the window grilles that have given way to the harsh elements of the ocean environment, but I also have serious issues with the wrought iron light fixtures that I had custom-made for the exterior of the building as well.  They are all rusting too. So all in all, a very expensive lesson that I knew would be a challenge at the start.  I had hoped with the powder-coating process would stave off any problems for years.

I’ve taken every precaution to ensure I have introduced products that would be resistant to rust and for the most part anything that is marine grade stainless steel on the exterior is fine but any other steel product is giving itself up to the storms and mother nature.  I can’t fight it.   I’ll need to look into bronze or copper in order to avoid the issue all together.

The summer dry season ended about two weeks ago and we had our first rains since December.  The rain has been a welcome respite and most of the plants including the newly planted palms at the front of the house are coming back to life. The wind storms that came in this last season were particularly brutal and they really took their toll.   Today, we have lovely weather, gentle breezes and it seems like there is no better place to be in the world.

Our guest suite has been busy too.  Visitors have made their way to the Azueros Peninsula and we have had some really terrific people who have come to stay and enjoy the Villa, pool and surroundings all to themselves while I was away.

The outdoor kitchen is next to be finished.  I’ll post photos in the coming weeks.

Some recent photos: june2013A 004 june2013A 006 june2013A 009 june2013A 013 june2013A 015 june2013A 040