Stress: -starting new projects while trying to finish others.

So far, my time in Panama has been no different from any other visit.  Despite my continued optimism, things just don’t happen as quickly or efficiently as I expect.  So what else is new you say?

It should not surprise me every time I visit the project that I don’t accomplish as much as my plans dictate.  I know the answer but I have to admit that sometimes I expect too much from people and then tend to take on too much work myself in order to get the job done.

We’ve all heard one of the most popular definitions of insanity and when things don’t go my way, I tend to get stubborn, keep my head down and keep on pushing.  This feels like I’ve been using a hammer to pound screws into wood when I should be using a screwdriver.

On the other hand, there are some accomplishments that have come together nicely despite the fact they may seem short-lived.  There’s always another task waiting its turn;  in reality all this frustration is coming to and end.  There has been progress and I’ll put up some photos of the more recent accomplishments in the next day or so.

The last few weeks I have managed to unpack the rest of the furniture that’s been waiting patiently for almost a year and I actually have a real living room without cardboard boxes.  I have a master bedroom and bath that does not need any further finishing.   I’ve purchased some new outdoor furniture and now we have a great lounge for the outdoor terrace.  The kitchen finally has the new counter top.

There have been some disappointments with regards to previously finished work and so we’ve had to back up and re-work some areas.  The spa for example has required us to remove the water-fall feature wall and replace it with a large piece of stone along with the removal of the concrete floor to make way for a wood slat floor.  This required a week’s worth of jack-hammering and there is nothing as painful to wake up to than the rat-a-tat-tat of a jack-hammer.

The spa remains 15% unfinished but it’s almost there.  Some paint and the wood slat flooring is all that’s needed.  You can see the workers hauling the big-ass piece of slate through the powder room to the spa in these photos.











There have been three other projects that are new and of course this adds more dirt and debris when I’m supposed to be cleaning up and getting the house in livable condition. One new project is the installation of the underground pipes to take rainwater from the roofs and terraces to an eventual future cistern.

This required digging up the ground immediately in front of the guest house and laying out the pipes and valve to take and re-direct the water.  This is much easier to do now than in the future when the grounds will be fully landscaped.   A little discomfort now to prevent later pain.



Of course the area in front of the kitchen area needed to be dealt with at some point so why not start now?  This is the outdoor kitchen and barbecue area.  I could and probably should have left this project for another time but once again, doing so would require me to destroy the newly planted landscaping.




So I drew up plans for the raised platform and I have Juan Carlos heading up his team to complete the job before Xmas. 

2 thoughts on “Stress: -starting new projects while trying to finish others.

  1. Your home is looking gorgeous! We were in Pedasi In June. We have purchased lot 65 – work on our house began last week. We just discovered your blog, (and Iris’s), last night. We’re looking forward to seeing all the changes when we return to Pedasi in March or April/13. Thanks for your posts!

  2. Despite the lengthy time frame, the house looks marvellous, a real showpiece! All that angst will be worthwhile when the big H&G magazines get working on their feature pieces, and the tourists start flocking by!
    Maybe I’ll write the piece?

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