Coconut harvest

Things are progressing well on the home front.  Many of the smaller jobs that needed to be completed are now well underway.  We’ve had a change in plans with regards to the spa and I will be posting photos very soon.

In the meantime, there are coconuts that will be harvested from the tall coconut palm trees at the back of the house.  Over the last few years, the workers have helped themselves to the harvest.  This year, I’m happy to give them away too. Although coconuts do happen to fall to the ground when mature, getting hit in the head by one can result in permanent injury.

I gave the go ahead to have them pick the nut or seed before they mature and begin to drop on their own.  I’m still not sure what food group this item falls under; is it a fruit or a nut?

Coconut palms have been used since ancient times as a source of food, fiber, fuel, water, and shelter, and many of these uses are still important today. Coconut oil was one of the first, if not the first plant oil to be used by man, and was the leading vegetable oil until 1962 when eclipsed by soybean oil.

You can see from the photos that picking coconuts can be a very dangerous job. The day I took the photos, the wind had picked up and was very strong.  Of course that did not stop one of the workers from climbing the ladder and dismounting onto the crown of the tree.

I don’t really have real experience with coconuts other than loving the taste of the pulp in macaroon cookies, using coconut oil or drinking coconut water.  It’s nice to have inherited these trees in my back yard.

Previously, I thought all you had to do was knock them down before they fell to the ground on their own but I’ve come to discover that the coconuts are firmly attached to the stem until they are mature and no amount of coercing or knocking from below will get them to fall until they are ready to be dropped by the tree itself.

You can see from the photos, one of the workers climbing up to the top of the palm and using a machete, he’s chopped off a bundle of coconuts attached to the stem to lower them down on a rope.  Pedro just happens to be there to help out.

You can also see the plugs of Japanese grass that have been planted.  This grass spreads very quickly and I’m hoping that within the next couple of months the grass will cover the entire ground area.


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