At the moment, I’m planning my next trip down to Panama which will be in the next couple of weeks. This time, I only need to make sure the spa gets finished and the small lingering jobs that need immediate attention, get some serious attention.

Once again, I am picking up a number of items that cannot be found in Panama and bringing them down with me.  This will be my last and final trip hauling bathroom exhaust fans.  I have not been able to find good quality exhaust fans anywhere in Panama.

The best fans in my estimation are Panasonic WhisperGreen fans.  Like most items I’ve picked to go into the house, I spend hours doing research to make sure I get the best unit for each application.  Bath fans are items most builders don’t spend any money on because most people assume all fans are alike, so why spend more money.  You can get a regular fan for $20 and a Panasonic WhisperGreen, is $200.  -Yes, it is analysis paralysis.

This particular line of Panasonic fans have a completely sealed motor which is great for humid areas and they are also the quietest fans on the market.  One of the best features is that they run continuously 24/7 at about one third their maximum speed until built-in motion sensor is activated, triggering the fan to go to high speed and does not revert back until it detects no movement for 20 minutes.  Which means you don’t need an electrical switch if you don’t want one.

The average annual cost of operating the fan is approximately $8 per year with the new DC motor technology so it’s not only efficient but low cost to operate.  The constant movement of air helps to keep the rooms fresh, and can mitigate potential mold problems when the doors and windows to the house are closed for extended periods of time.

I’m going to feel much less like a pack mule in the coming weeks as most of the items I think the house requires have been installed with the exception of outdoor furniture and some electronics.  BUT, like a moth to a flame, I am actually contemplating shipping another container of furniture along with odds and ends to fill out the outdoor covered terraces and pool deck.

I dread the idea of having to ship another container at this point.  The logistics can be daunting if things don’t go right and I’m leery of all the potential hassles that I may encounter at customs.  The last two containers were a nightmare and an expensive exercise.

A little pig-headedness goes a long way in getting myself into trouble I’ve been told and so should I roll the dice and risk more pain?   I just wish there were better and easier options in Panama City.  The reality is that in most cases, if I found something that I liked in Panama City, it’s highly unlikely they don’t have it in stock and I would still have to order everything in, which will take a couple of months, so why not do it myself -that’s where I get into trouble.

In any case, this short update shows the workers planting the front entrance of the house with new palms this week.   Twelve of them will line the circular driveway.  You can see that we still have to begin the landscaping between the palms and the house but that can wait until I arrive at the beginning of November.  These palms are called “pony tail” palms in Panama. Not sure what the official name is.