Kitchen Island

I’ve been waiting for more installations and tile work to be completed before I post more photos.   My trip to Panama in the next couple of weeks will bring a plethora of new photos and for the first time, I am excited to say that I am actually staying at the Villa!  I know I’ve said this on my last three visits but his time it’s gonna happen.  Of course, I’ll need a day to assemble my bed and mattress but the thought of actually enjoying the house for the first time in four years will be a great experience, -I hope.

There is still much to do, notably landscaping and the spa area along with the new driveway.  I’m hoping the pool might be ready but that might be asking for too much.  I’ll be happy if the interiors are done and I’ll be able to just relax.

The replacement light sconces will come down with my baggage and I will most likely have to buy a few more exterior weatherproof light fixtures when I get into town to replace those that started to rust a couple of months ago.

My kitchen builder has sent me photos of the kitchen island from his workshop and it’s going to be a brut of masterpiece in the kitchen.  It’s over ten feet long and 5 feet wide.  The top of the island is solid wood two inches thick and I’m told the whole thing weighs a ton.  Here it is without the top or drawer hardware